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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2016
Why anyone would give this product less than 5 stars is beyond me!! nice product good quality and quantity. thank you

Update: my skin after a month is amazing!! My elbows are no longer darker and tough feeling. I rub my elbows in habit now due to shock!! Buy this ignore what few bad reviews of people getting the product not knowing how to store it or yes I think maybe someone got a bad batch. It happens RETURN it and have it replaced.

UPDATE: 08/11/2016 I just purchased another one of 54oz to save money. This product has now become a daily go to in our home! We have been oil pulling every day. My breath is amazing in the mornings. My sons brown tooth discoloring has disappeared ( we noticed a difference with his teeth with in 3 days to be honest WHITER and no we did not change our toothpaste at all. 20 mins of swooshing each morning on an empty tummy then brushing after. Wait at least 15mins prior to eating or drinking anything ) Also during the day I feel LESS build up on my teeth, its almost as if the oil coats your teeth!! My breathe has no smell to it in the morning. This stuff is amazing guys!! Plus its great for cooking also.

I also use it for my hair I purchased a small dispenser bottle and I mix this coconut oil in with organic usda jobo oil and argon oil. My hair loves it!

Not to mention my lower legs always look dry and cracked NOT anymore!!

*** LADIES *** darker skin between your legs or buttock area! This does the charm but LIGHTLY spread in these area, VERY lightly its oil after all.

FACE USE: using this daily and again lightly on the face, my skin is smoother and over all a clear complexion. I am 32 and I must say this product has been a blessing to my skin! Its the real deal! :)

BABIES: Its PURE organic coconut oil, we use it on our newborn son also. All these products that say they are for babies, have you read the ingredients in them? Do you understand their meaning, some having drying agents alcohols included.

UPDATE: 09/15/2016 - I am still purchasing this oil, and now actually using it in my soap making products!
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