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Reviewed in the United States on November 17, 2019
This is truly a "you get what you pay for" type of situation. I travel a lot for work and bought this backpack to replace my old business travel backpack that I spent a decent bit of money in, but it finally started to fall apart after 3 years of use.

I realized quicky as soon as I started packing for my next trip that this purchase was a mistake. If you're looking for a bag to carry your laptop around, this bag will serve you just fine. But if you're looking for a bag specifically for business travel you should move up a few price brackets.

This bag is tight. And I don't mean that in the slang good way - you put a few things in it and it's almost busting at the seams, even after releasing the bag compression clips. The bottle pockets on the side have zero stretch to them and it's virtually impossible to fit a water bottle in them! I had to turn the bag on its side and wiggle it so the contents would shift enough for me to get my water bottle in the side pocket. Needless to say, this was not convenient.

As far as the rest of the bag, the zippers don't go all the way down (due to the useless water bottle pockets on the side) so it's pretty difficult to remove anything from the backpack that's more than a few inches down. The two compartments aren't adequately self-contained, so as soon as you put stuff in one side of the division it becomes almost impossible to put stuff in the other side. And even if you magically manage to get it all in perfectly, as soon as you remove one item - good luck getting it back in there because all the contents have now shifted and you'll never get that item back in the bag.

Oh and the lock on the top won't snap shut if you've got the bag full up to the top. You need a bit of empty space at the top of the bag or the lock is completely useless.

I'm going to return this bag because it didn't meet my travel needs. This bag will definitely serve you for simple tasks, but if you're a serious business traveler you should keep looking.
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