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Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2020
What I can I say about this epic science fiction novel that hasn't been said by q multitude of others. It staggers the imagination with its scope and ideas. This is my fourth reading and it the effect of going back into that world is not diminished. I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. It is not Star Wars or Star Trek. There is action and exciting characters throughout but it is not science fiction as it stands today, dumbed down and simplified to the point of being insulting. At over 800 pages it might intimidate some readers but the story moves like an express train from the opening character as we are introduced to Paul, his mother the Lady Jessica, his father Leto Atriedes, and their struggles against the evil Baron Harkonnen. The pages fly by and it becomes the greatest science fiction film ever made playing to an audience of one. Most of the science fiction that I have read is very cold and inhuman and I find it difficult to connect with either the story or its characters. In Dune you can just about feel the heat of Arrakis fanning across your face, taste the spice melange, and image those magnificent and terrifying sandworms. I only hope that the upcoming film does justice to Frank Herbert's vision. The David Lynch version was a misguided mess and he seemed to have no real understanding of the story.
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