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Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2018
This was another a!axing action packed book in the Sleeper SEALS multi author series with this one centering on Luke a former SEAL who left the service to raise his niece. Her parents had died in a car crash so he took custody of Naomi when she was ten and with the help of his brother Zach, raised he and now she was going off to college. Luke needed purpose to his life so when Commander Lambert asked for his help to take down a cyber crime taking place with terrorist connections he accepted the op. There was to be an on line auction with a invite only exclusive club called Brain Trust that Like got in on which was an elaborate scheme with deadly consequences coming from an ip address that pointed to a widow, Lyra with two young daughters. He was to get to know her by pretending to be a temporary super in her apartment building. This was the plan but naturally things got complicated very fast when he started falling in love with Lyra and her twin daughters. Then as the facts came out Lyra's brother Billy and his friends were involved. Her brother did not know his friend Demon was the evil mastermind that was making sure Lyra would get the blame if they got caught. He confessed to his sister when Damon locked Billy out when he tried to shut everything down. Luke was there at the time and it forced him to expose his plans and started things in motion but he needed help. He recruited his friends from Sutton Capital that he did work for and they gladly got involved. This was an exciting story as Demon kidnapped the girls with help from an unexpected associate. Luke and his friends took down the auction and saved the girls ending Demon and his evil scheme. Luke, Lyra and the girls even got their happily ever after and Luke decided this was the last op he would be doing for this secret Sleeper SEAL group because he could not put his loved ones in danger again with his involvement. I highly recommend this book and series and am looking forward to the next release.
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