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Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2021
Let me start out by saying this book is perfect for airplane or beach reading. Its sole purpose is to entertain you. It does so by putting the protagonist, Court Gentry, into impossible situations where his life is in imminent danger with no possible escape yet he somehow figures out a way, against all odds, to survive. Gentry is a paid assassin. He has a moral compass, however, it is one of his own design and rationalizations. It is that moral compass that causes him to be an interesting character. He can kill dispassionately and coldly but only those who fit the mold of a qualified target. All others are not only safe from his homicidal ways, but he will do anything possible to prevent harm from befalling them. That combination of killer and hero make him the interesting character he is. The plot is deceptively simple and then gets very complex as plans go awry, double crosses abound and new information is discovered. The action is nonstop, the situations in which Court finds himself are uniquely impossible and his solutions, though often improbable in real life, are creative and effective. The reader needs to be willing to make the leaps of faith necessary to fully enjoy the story. This book fits the bill in every way of the word "thriller". I recommend it to those looking for that sort of escape from reality.
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4.5 out of 5
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