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Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2019
The lamps themselves are Great! The light they put out is exactly what I wanted. Bright and soft. Connecting them one to another is a breeze. Options for how to wire them is a real plus and they're easy. HOWEVER... what you need to know is the mounting hardware, the 'clips", are flimsy. they're pre shaped metal. Very, very thin. And due to that, they don't hold they're shape very long. They quickly become fatigued and the lamp falls out. Mine were installed about 2 1/2 days. I was very pleased with them. I was out early in the morning talking to my neighbors with my garage door open. (I mounted 10 of them in my garage) And as my neighbors were commenting on all the bright soft light streaming out from my garage, at that moment, one of them fell out of the clips. So, I went around and install Tie Wraps to all of them. Not too tight. Just snug.

I do recommend the lamps. They're awesome.
The mounting hardware sucks.
I still think they're a good value for the price I paid. I'm just going to have to replace the one which fell.

I decided to write to INW and explain to them that I believed the reason the lamp in question fell to the floor and subsequently broke, was due to the mounting hardware which came with the lamps I purchased from them. They responded. But I don't think I explained myself well enough to them. They offered to send me additional mounting clips. And they requested photos. After clearing that up and they understood I needed a new replacement lamp, They refunded me $5 and offered to send me the replacement lamp. Approximately a week later I received a tracking number. When the package arrived, it contained a box of ten lamps with all of the requisite cables and mounting hardware.

So, as far as I'm concerned, they exceeded my request for a replacement lamp. They took my issue seriously. And I have been made to feel that my satisfaction was very important to them. I would absolutely buy from them again. And I do recommend to any who read this that you can feel confident in shopping with them.
As I said, they exceeded my expectations. They took me seriously. They deserve for you to know that they are a trustworthy seller on amazon. The lighting in my garage is awesome now.

Thank you INW.

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