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Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2020
First of all I must write that if I am ever in any kind of trouble, I want Court Gentry...AKA the Grey either be on my side or come and rescue me...Hopefully I will never be in that situation but if I am...come and get me out of my distress...

This novel starts in Croatia with Court Gentry attempting to assassinate a Serbian war criminal from 25 years ago. Retired General Ratko Babic has been living peacefully surrounded by bodyguards for many, many years. And, yes, he was responsible for murdering over 8000 men and young boys. His quiet litle farmhouse, however, holds a secret of its own...This novel is off to a rip roaring start. Wow.

The reader will be transported from Croatia to Hollywood with many stops in between. There are a lot of characters and was glad the author provided the list at the beginning of this one. Lots of different locations, different jobs and of course, different motives.

The descriptions are vivid throughout this novel and at times downright sickening to read. When a reader has his senses fully awakened by the writing, it illustrates excellent skills by the author. The amount of money involved in this global trafficking of drugs, guns, sex, immigrants and more is staggering. The Director of the Consortium raked in around $10 billion a year. And, that is one person involved in this circle of traffickers.

So, the question in this novel becomes whether or not The Grey Man will be able to complete his mission. The intel on a terrorist attack on US soil seems viable but....

Lots of truly evil people in this novel and the suspense is palpable throughout. One quote that I really liked from Maurice, a CIA handler: "Hope is not a strategy". And, Court remembered this for years.

A perfect read on a snowy and blowing day in Vermont. Loved the multi-layered plot, the dialogue was clear and crisp and the action continued from the beginning until the end.

Most highly recommended.
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