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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2018
I first encountered Stephen King, as most of us have, in the mid-1970s when I found "Carrie" in an "emporium" in a small town in New York State. It was an instant attachment, as compelling as I assume crystal meth would be, but considerably safer. "Salem's Lot" nearly did me in; I found it stunning, with its strong characterizations and plot. I was hooked, irrevocably and firmly.

Now, so many years later, I'm pleased that Mr King has not lost his edge or his ability to fascinate. "The Sun Dog" is a strange tale, completely improbable, but it works. I was wondering how an appropriate ending could be created, but he did it again.
Obviously, I liked the book. Obviously, I like Stephen King. I recommend this book highly.

Stephen King and I are approximately the same age. We're growing old together. I hope my declining years, and his, will be graced with more incomparable output from him, but if not, I will simply reread the old books. God bless you, Stephen King! You've added much pleasure to my life!
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