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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2019
Received this product today. It was in EXCELLENT QUALITY when I received it. Easily un-boxed and able to set-up. All items were present. I have to say this was the quickest set-up I've ever had for any type of device (T.V, PC, Laptop, Phone, etc.). Although I did a bit of research before I purchased this device through Amazon. Then after I ordered it and while I was waiting for delivery I did a bit of reading on this site (reviews & Q&A's) just to have an "edge" when it came time to set it up. When all was said & done it probably was an hour to hour and a half from opening the box to setting back down on the couch after all was done.
Once you read through all the Q&A's, and about 75% of them are questions that have been asked two to three times, you'll have ALL of your questions answered so once your t.v. is delivered you have a plan of action and push right through that set-up.
Here are the biggest "complaints" that are non-sense when dealing with a ROKU t.v.:
A. It doesn't COST A PENNY TO SET UP A ROKU ACCOUNT and activate your T.V...if for some reason you come across a site or a phone call demanding payment in order to activate your t.v...hang up or whatnot, and reevaluate (i.e. make sure you have the correct website typed in or the correct phone number dialed in). You can activate your roku t.v. with a "free" roku account. You don't even have to put in a credit card.

B. You get what you pay for...Yes, while that is true in every aspect of life you can get a good deal without having to pay out the butt. I believe this is one of those times!!

C. This item DOES NOT COME WITH A WALL MOUNT. If you want to wall mount it you buy the mount yourself. If you want to specifications of what size wall-mount to buy they are all in the directions that come with the t.v. While I didn't wall mount it (I just used the stands that come with the set) If I wanted to all I had to do was either read through the Q&A's (as that question has been asked over 20 times) or just read through the "directions" booklet provided with the T.V.

D. If you want to use your phone as your "roku remote" all you have to do is d/l the app from your store (G-Play or apple) and you're good to go. No, the roku remote doesn't have numbers on it and yes it does have volume control on the side of it. Just remember, both your phone and your T.V. have to both be on the same wi-fi connection in order for your phone to work as the remote, if not, then it's a NO-GO!!

E. If you have satellite, cable, etc...YES, it works with this T.V., along with Wi-fi. The model I have doesn't work with Ethernet or bluetooth, but TCL does have models that do work with Bluetooth & ethernet.

Be a bit proactive, it'll save you a bunch of time in the end!

As I stated earlier, it didn't take any time at all for me to set this up from beginning to end. Take a bit of time and do some research!!

This set is great quality and you are easily able to adjust it to your liking in the settings menu. Every aspect of this set is adjustable. I couldn't be happier with the amount I paid for it!!!

In the pictures below, one of the pics is the front of the set and the other is a side shot showing the thickness of the set along with the fact that there aren't a million plugs coming from the back area.
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