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Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2020
Another well written western from C. J. Petit - with the addition of a seafaring adventure (I had to look up the definition of a belaying pin!). Rhody Jones is a cowboy and a sailor rolled up in to one interesting man. He travels from Rhode Island to New Orleans and throughout Texas.

I learned the real name for the state of Rhode Island, which happens to be the American state with the longest name! You'll have to read the book for yourself to find out what it is - or you can google it, but I assure you that reading the book is much more fun.

Rhody Jones is a good and competent man with courage, integrity and a generous heart - as are all Petit's protagonists. I hope young adults have discovered the works of C.J.Petit. We need more role models of high moral character (instead of celebrities and their scandals) for our young people to emulate. Especially in today's America, where many of our public schools have deteriorated and in some cases, become indoctrination centers.

I love Mr. Petit's descriptions of the variety of weapons used and horses ridden by Rhody Jones. There is detailed historical information about the American West, Native American Comanches and the American shipping industry. Rhody Jones' adventures include attacks by Comanches, being shot and stranded with limited supplies and no horse, a violent hurricane at sea, a dusty and dangerous cattle drive, and an assassination attempt just to name a few. Non stop action.

There are a few editing errors, but they did not in any way affect my enjoyment of this book. Mr. Petit continues to sell his ebooks for a bargain price of 99¢. Much appreciated by those of us on limited incomes. I look forward to his next book in the Evans family saga.

On the Amazon Kindle book store site, the C.J. Petit "About The Author" section has the fascinating story of this author, who I believe has written over 60 books since December of 2016, has had two previous careers, and who is a cancer survivor. Unfortunately, his autobiographical posting is cut off mid sentence, before its ending. I hope Mr. Petit is given the opportunity to have his complete "About The Author" segment posted. If there is a space limit, perhaps he'll post his author's autobiography on his own website if he has one. I've bought and read every one of his books. Each time I buy a Petit book, I check the "About The Author" post to see if the rest of his self story has been added...

Happy reading!
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