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Reviewed in the United States on November 26, 2018
This series seems to have lost its mojo. What used to be hilarious has become tedious. Number 25 is not funny and that was the thing that I loved about this series. There were always laughs to be had - big belly laughs while I was reading in bed at night. Not anymore apparently. I suspect that the last two books - 24 and 25 - were ghost written. The continuity in some of the characters has changed. Lula is called fat twice and "large" once. Everyone knows that when Lula is called fat she goes crazy on the person making the remark. Not so in this book. She only gets mildly irritated when called a large woman. She doesn't even react when called fat twice. Now that's just not Lula. And, since book 24, Stephanie - who rarely uses obscenities - is using the world "dick" and other colorful phrases. Now, I don't object to cursing in books, I'm no prude. But, it's usually the characters around Stephanie who are using colorful language rather than Stephanie herself. There has been a definite increase in obscenities from all characters starting with book 24 and continuing with 25. Perhaps in an attempt to make the series seem edgier? And, how long is Stephanie going to vacillate between Ranger and Morelli? The decades long teasing of her bouncing back and forth between these two men has gotten stale. The whole book feels stale. The plot does pick up the pace about 60% into the story, but the laughs are nowhere to be found. Sigh. This is not what I expect from Evanovich. Really, what happened to this series???
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