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Reviewed in the United States on April 21, 2020
I never leave feedback for my cat litter purchase lol! But since I'm in lockdown thanks to COVID19 and have all the time in the world and out of boredom lol I will do reviews for all the orders I places and never reviewed! hahaha

Anyway, it's the best litter I've ever invested in. It's my 2nd order as I usually have a repeat order on Chewy, but due to the COVID19 pandemic many sites are taking too long or out of stock on many items, so AMAZON has never disappointed me with shipping, it's longer too on amazon! However I can deal with a week delivery than 3 weeks.

Anyways.... this litter smells great! It clumps "REALLY" well! No chunks or bits and pieces when you go to scoop! I use the whole box so there is a thick density in her box, usually I would only use a 1/2 box or 1/4 which is a bad idea! In the wild cats dig a hole and do their business. This is because they then cover it up to contain the scent so predators can't track them down and find them! This is embedded in these feline genes and even domestic cats still do the same, even though they are safe indoors.

Before I would use less litter and when my cat dig she'd reach the bottom of the box and when she urine then cover it up, it was harder to clean as the urine when mixed with the litter "which is clay" and therefore is like mud drying would stick to and bond to the bottom of the plastic litter box, which was so hard t scoop! Id have to get an old metal scorer to scrape it up but then it causes chunks in the box that falls through the grids of the scooper.

Problem Solved: I tore a sheet of Glad Cling Wrap!, Stuck it to the bottom of the litter box! poured a whole box of the litter which fills 1/2 in the box. This gives enough space to scratch and pee but when she digs it doesn't do all the way down to the bottom, but when she does get to the bottom as the litter slowly goes down, it doesn't stick to the bottom of the box! Because of the cling wrap which is smooth its easy for the solid chunk to break off and be scooped up.

Also a good tip before scooping.... rock the litter box side to side to allow the waste to break off from the sides if it's stuck. The vibration from the rocking movement allows for this, it will make your life easier!

Thank you for reading! Stay Safe and Healthy!
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