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Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2018
My 3rd generation Kindle Fire HDX volume buttons became intermittent and I decided it was time for a replacement. Sadly I discovered the HDX line is no longer in production. I chose the new current generation Kindle Fire HD as a replacement assuming the newest generation would be the best. I was wrong.
There are too many bugs and problems to list, but I’ll name a few. The power and volume buttons protrude along the edge instead of recessed underneath, so they are easily pressed accidentally. The touch screen is often too sensitive or too numb. Running or touching your finger or hand along the edge of the housing can be detected as a sreen touch, changing pages or screens inadvertently. Yet sometimes touching the screen directly has no effect, prompting multiple taps which causes other problems. The wifi has a tendency to lock up for a short moment or two causing irritating delays and is basically slower than the HDX in general. Some programs begin reporting not connected to the internet and require force stopping the app and restarting them. Finally the navigation of the HD vs HDX OS is painfully different. I miss the HDX app carousel which always kept my frequently used apps on the screen.
I consider the current gen HD a toy compared to the brilliantly engineered HDX.
The only redeeming feature of the HD is it’s cheap price.
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