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Reviewed in the United States on October 2, 2013
Another exciting, pager turner by Bergren! Grave Consequences picks up where we left off in Book 1. You are pulled into the story quickly, wondering what will happen with Cora, Will, Pierre and the others on this grand journey. The characters, the plot, romance, danger and more will capture you and propel you through the pages. As much as I wanted to savor the story I found I couldn't slow my reading pace down.

I will admit in a few places I did do some skimming of sentences. There were a few repetitive themes of Cora with her struggle over Will and her love for him and how she felt about Pierre. And there is so much I would like to say on this subject, but since I don't like spoilers I will try to say enough not to give too much away. Bergren has created two suitors that readers can easily cheer for, which makes it hard as you are not sure who you want her with and at times you may lean more towards one than another. But just like Cora you will find they are both pretty wonderful guys. I am not sure how Bergren is going to work this all out and hoping I like the outcome. I am not thinking that it will be a shocker who she ends up with, but at the same time Bergren has some more work to do to get me, the reader happy about the ending.

There was excitement and danger lurking for the group throughout this novel. You will see hints as to where Bergren is heading with the storyline but not enough to know how she will bring everything out into the open and work things out. I also have to add that there is one part in the story where one of the characters mentions believing in God but that going to Church is a few times a year thing. This had me hoping to see maybe in Book 3, some heart changes and spiritual growth for this character. In another novel maybe seeing another character's light and life shine being an influence. Not that God and praying to Him is not a part of this book, it is - but it is not a big theme of the book. Really, you see Cora struggling with finding out who she is deep down and sorting through does she have to be and do what others ask and/or expect of her? Cora will have many moments of introspection. Is she clinging to her past and who she thought she was? Is that the real her? Has this trip and lifestyle changed her? Can she be open to the opportunities presented to her? Will she be open to what God has for her and let Him lead her? Circumstances are funny things... you can let them define you, trap you or you can let them refine and strengthen you, propelling you into more.

More and more excitement, romance, & mystery stirred in with a dash of suspense add up to a great read! Enjoy! 4 1/2 Stars
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