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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on September 27, 2019
These things failed to burn in several PCs, sometimes during the burn, always during verify. They even failed to burn in my DVD duplicator that seems to burn anything. Actually when they didn't fail to burn in the duplicator(it doesn't verify) when I took the disc out and put it in my DVD players, either they wouldn't load or locked up in many places, again total garbage and a waste of money.
I was enticed by the good price(1/2 of quality Verbatim AZO's nothing of mine has a problem burning) but I was hoping they'd be 1/2 as good as the Windata's I used to purchase from MicroCenter(for $34.99/100) but they no longer sell them :(
As these have wasted many hours of my time I'm not going to bother returning them, rather chalk it up to a lesson learned. Guess everytime I want to burn to a DL blank it will mean $1 spent and no don't bother with the Life Verbatim DLs, not a whole lot cheaper than the AZOs and also not a while lot better than these.
Well shortly after writing the review but within the return window I decided to return the discs, figured they'd do me absolutely no good as I didn't have a burner that would burn them. Anyway the return(to a local Kohls) went great, just had to bring the mostly full spindle(threw away 5?? coasters) to Kohls return counter and show them my cell phone with the QC code Amazon gave me, and that was it. No long line to ship them, no boxing them back up, etc. Very positive return experience and I'm glad I did it. If these discs burn for you, great but they didn't work at all for me.
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