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Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2018
Pre-workout: excellent EMS modes to warm up those hard to stretch areas (i.e. calves, upper hamstrings). I also use it on chronically tight areas before i foam roll. Very effective for loosening up the traps and lats. If you've ever used the PowerPlate at a gym, this device is infinitely more effective.

Post-workout: the cupping and scraping modes really reduce inflammation and significantly diminish DOMS. Great for runners, bodybuilders, or any athlete trying to enhance recovery and shorten those lengthy post-workout rolling / stretching sessions.

Pain Management: I bought the device hoping to decrease a sharp pain moving along my front left rib cage and into my left lower lat / subscap area. Can't believe how much less pain I feel. After 2 days, I'm no longer waking up to an immobile left side of the body. I had to stop lifting weights entirely for 3 days before the device arrived. After 36 hours of using it, I could run a 10k without noticing any pain from the arm swing. Mobility also restored enough to permit almost all of my strength and hypertrophy workouts. I've had the potential injury checked out by a general practitioner and it's not a hernia, so it's likely muscular (either a tear or built up scar tissue). But it's not a cure all; pain is still present enough to prevent me from doing heavy back / front squats, snatches, and compound movements that demand full abdominal activation for stability.

Relaxing Massages --> I bought the unit a few days ago and now I'm using it throughout the day as a massage device. Personally, I find the Swedish and Tai Chi modes to be very effective means of trigger point therapy. Sitting at a desk for hours? Place the pads in desired location and no one can see it.

Conclusion: this device is sooo much better than anticipated. I don't know what the $350 Hypervolt or expensive Compex machines feel like, but I can't imagine that the quality difference (if there is any) justifies the price difference. Buy it!
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