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Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2018
I really wanted to like this book...

But what I wanted more than that were clear and concrete tactics or strategies to "hack" my habits...

Strategies and tactics that were groundbreaking, clear, repeatable, and effectively "life changing"...

Nope. Not so much.

I grade content quality by number of under-linings, margin notes, and folded pages I've set at the end of the read...

It scored extremely low in all of those categories. So it's not particular dense with usefulness.

A few other things I didn't like...

This book is 95% story, or anecdote. I'm not really into stories. I'd read a novel for a story. I read non-fiction to learn something useful- and prefer to do it quickly.

The stories themselves are delivered non-sequentially...
For example:
story A beginning
story B beginning
story C beginning
Story D beginning

To understand story A we need to story B. To understand story B we need story C. To understand story C we need story D.

Then story A's middle or ending
Then story B's middle or ending
Then story C's middle or ending
Then story D's middle or ending

It might be interesting to write this way, but it's an irritating read. Who wants their thought sequences disparate like this?

This distracting structure could have been redeemed if there were meaningful conclusions or anything actionable amidst the mire.

But there was not.

Overall, is it worth reading? Yes...if you have nothing else very interesting to read.
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