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Reviewed in the United States on July 29, 2019
This is the second time I’ve had to stop reading this because of the mind-numbing often minute by minute description of a particular day or operation.

And I am on the day they launched the mission, and they just boarded the aircraft to launch. That starts chapter 12 where he gets up on mission day, and it take him SIXTEEN pages (Kindle) to get boarded on the aircraft and launch.

And the way he described checking his uniform and gear when he got up was almost fetish creepy.

Creating suspense through dragging out a moment is one thing. But this much minutia kills it and makes it boring.

Take this passage in those first 15 pages:

“I nodded to a few guys on Chalk Two, flashing them the middle finger with a smile. We separated in silence. Anything said was lost in the rotor wash, but the gestures all said the same thing. See you on the ground. There was nothing more to say. We formed up on either side of the helicopters. I looked at my watch. We had ten minutes. I found a spot by the tarmac to lie down. I rested my head on my helmet and looked at the stars. For a second, I just relaxed. Finally, the crew chief signaled us to load up.”

Does anybody really care that he did that. If he was trying to show he was calm, that’s one thing.

But this ENTIRE book is filled with that meaningless.

I certainly respect the guy for his service and accomplishments. But an effective writer he is not.

This is the mission day and there is still 30% of the book left.

Life is too short. I have no interest in slogging through more of his crap, so not going to bother finishing.
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