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Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2018
I have been using this juicer for about a month now. I like it. I am sure there are better out there and I am sure there are worse. I will describe what I found and hopefully it'll help you.

1. The juicer consists of a cup with a cap (about 32 ounces can fit. The cap is pretty useless.
2. The shoot can fit a regular size orange
3. The brush helps clean the strainer A LOT!
4. Cleanup is mostly easy (will get into this more)
5. It will not operate if not locked in place with the metal bracket (good thing)

As far as operation. This is my first juicer so I cannot compare it, but it seems noisy. It also vibrates a lot. So much that it will turned itself. However, the juice is generally just that. Nothing really seeps through.

Cleanup is pretty fast with the 3-way brush. The only issue is when juice gets on the unit itself. Its hard to get into the tight spots. Also, cleaning the shoot (where the juice comes out), is not easy. You'll need a brush to get in.

I generally stay on low speed.

Bottom line, buy it. if you use it, it will work just fine. I am glad I did (so is my waist line).
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