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Reviewed in the United States on April 9, 2018
As a trauma therapist, I want to say that Resmaa's book is very well organized with clear descriptions of the most current understanding of trauma physiology and healing. There is a lot of preparation for the reader to help support us in our journey through difficult material, including how to manage difficult thoughts, emotions and sensations as they arise. There are a lot of wonderful exercises that people can use to learn how to work with racialized trauma in every chapter. As a white-bodied person, it has changed the way I relate with stories of racial violence. The idea is to metabolize our historical trauma so that we can make room for something new. For example, when I hear about another black-bodied young man being shot, I take a moment and feel the feelings that come up, rather then pushing them away or feeling helpless to change anything. I allow myself to feel the hurt and shame that my ancestors perpetrated atrocities on black-bodies that were perpetrated against them in historical times in Europe. If I can process these feelings, I might be less likely to recreate them in the present and future. Healing is an incremental process and an ongoing one.
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