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Reviewed in the United States on October 21, 2018
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind how much I love this author, and his consistent fabulous writing style keeps winning me over and over again. The authors signature sarcasm is present, however a bit subdued this time, as the story focuses on family, friends, loved ones in general, and loss of them. There are more emotions in this book than in the previous ones. And although this story might be a bit subdued compared to the previous ones, there is still a lot of funny situations.
Dust is growing up a bit and becoming more responsible, perhaps due to the fact that he is no longer the youngest member of the crew. Apart from Herald and short appearances of Bastion and Prudence, Lorica is mostly in the background this time, as the story focuses primarily on Dust, Carver, Sterling, and Asher.
As Dust chases all kinds of leads and gets into personal debts to all kinds of deities and demons, the situations with his father on the one hand, and Vanitas on the other hand, slowly resolve. Then there is this little issue with the end of the world as we know it. The story was as gripping and addictive as the previous ones, and I loved every minute of it. The ending is as epic as the previous two books and it kept me biting nails in anticipation. And although the villain was not at all unexpected, the ending itself was quite shocking. There is no cliffhanger but the ending leaves an opening for a sequel, which I hope will happen. 
I absolutely love this author, his writing, this series, the characters, the world, everything! Dustin Graves is still one of the best male characters ever created. 
Reading order is Penumbra (Darkling Mage, #0), Shadow Magic (Darkling Mage, #1), Dark Harvest (Darkling Mage, #2), and Grave Intentions (Darkling Mage Book 3). I hope there will be more.
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