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Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2018
Overall the book is very infirnative. I am most certainly a numbers person, and knowing where the data lies really helps quiet my mind. I have 2 complaints: 1) I wish the data reflected racial disparities in maternal health. As a black woman, the data does not always apply. Just to see if she had the info, I found an interview where she falsely claims that poverty is the reason for racial disparities, which is wholly untrue and easily debunked. So, essentially, she wrote this book with people of european ancestry in mind, whether she realized it or not. 2) Who edited this book! Am I the only person who has put of order pages, repeated pages and just whole pieces of information missing entirely?? I am reading the chapter about induction/amniotic fluid/nonstress tests and as soon as she starts discussing the differences between SVDP and AFI, it just jumps straight to no stress tests with a large amount of info missing. Then she starts describing what to do if your baby is sleeping during the nonstress test and it just skips ahead again, mid-paragraph. I see in ‘The Bottom Line’ to keep on clapping and have no idea what the basis is.

Otherwise, it’s a good read. If your black, especially if you live in NYC or SF, I suggest you look up numbers that greater reflect our demographic, but this book is still a good guideline.

Also, can I get a fixed copy for free?! This is a raggedy edit, for sure.
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