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Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2016
Meh. The author spends a lot of time saying things like "Never do X, because it'll embarass you. [two chapters later] You should do X, because it'll set you apart."

Okay, great. You've advised me to do and don't do the exact same thing.

Sure, life is complicated, and sometimes you should do X and sometimes you shouldn't. You should pee when you're in front of the toilet and you really need to. You should not pee when shaking hands with Obama.

I get it.

So how about devoting significant portions of the book to these contextual situations where one rule might violate another?

Also, it seems to spend a thousand words covering a topic that only needs about 200.

Overall, the book leaves me wondering why I purchased it. Is there a Cliff's Notes version?
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