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Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2018
I got this book two years ago for my 3 year old girl. She was frustrated, I was frustrated, and she had 2 younger siblings. We needed change. This book changed our lives. I took every word to heart. Wrote down the problems and came up with a strategy. Focused on one behavior at a time. It took months of hard work to see progress but one skill at a time has added up to a strong and amazing straight A Kindergartener who is thriving. I know her better than my other kids because of the journey we had to go threw together. The parent training I received from implementing the teachings in this book has made life so much easier for my other kids because whatever comes up, this mom has a plan. I realized today when referring this to a friend today just how far we have come. I had forgotten how hard things once more. And as I wathed her kid struggle like mine used to I couldn't help but think, that kid has amazing potential once his determination is pointed in the right direction. Yours can too. Read the book and study it like a college course. Your life and children's lives will change. Having a plan gives up hope. This is your plan.
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