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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2013
Man, what a letdown. This is my first two-star review of the year and I give it with a heavy heart. This should have been one of the better graphic novels of this uneven series, as the source material is some of my favorite moments in the entire Dark Tower series. It nails some of those moments, especially in the last issue/chapter, but that's the reason it gets two stars rather than one, and I don't give one-star reviews lightly. The changes to the original story are baffling, as they drain some of the more interesting moments of any tension for no appreciable gain, introduce new elements that don't make a whole lot of sense in Mid-World (the corpse lights, long-time readers will know what I mean), and have characters acting in baffling ways. I don't understand who the Roland of this comic is supposed to be, but he bears little resemblance to either the Roland of the books or of the graphic novels that came before this, almost as if the writers lost hold of what made the character tick. Yes, Roland always acted in a callous manner toward Jake, but his behavior toward the boy in this version comes across as more than a little confused and crazy. I almost feel that I need to re-read the original, non-revised version of The Gunslinger now to wash this out of my mouth. Sheer disappointment, and not even recommended for hardcore fans.
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