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Reviewed in the United States on August 12, 2015
It's not the most romantic locale, in the middle of desolate cold North Dakota. But that back drop makes for a fascinating supporting character to the plot and story. It's the new oil boom territory where isolation and poverty has now become a thriving cosmos of wealth and land grab. And when that happens, crime and drugs are sure to follow..

Cassie Dewell is kind of an overweight policewoman new to Grimstad N Dakota. She is pleasant and friendly.. Don't under estimate her. She is smart and has spunk with great police instincts. Taking on her new job as lead investigator, she has to solve several cases right away as things happen fast in Grimstad these days. Are these cases related? Are there corrupt cops? Who can she trust? Then there is an innocent boy caught up in the mayhem.. How is he involved?

CJ Box always has interesting characters. They are well developed and has detailed back stories. Cassie has a serial killer case following her from her last job in Montana. This adds some drama and suspense to an otherwise straight story of police versus drug gangs.. Nothing surprising to the plot and not many 'oh wow' moments..I am more used to CJ Box's other novels where you didn't suspect who the real villain was until the very end.
But I will give Cassie more chances to develop and grow.
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