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Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2017
Originally I purchased the larger sized paperback novel but I went back and purchased the Kindle version as I could not read the paperback version because the print size was too small. The book is OK, it is a collection of proposed short stories. Some of them are good and some of them are weak or even not good.

I noticed that several are just chapters out of other Halo books that I already own. That means that they end abruptly with no real close because they are part of a larger book and you are just reading a short chapter of the original story. I found that disappointing as it made this book seem to be a promotion book trying to sell you other complete books. Had I known that I probably would not have spent as much money buying two versions of this book.

I have listed the stories below with my personal rating for each story. Many of the stories just ended poorly and they totally leave you hanging. Some of the stories are really well written and I wish they could have been longer.

Overall I like the book because I am a Halo fan and I have read almost all of the books that are available. I rate the overall book 4 stars and if you are a Halo fan you should get it for your collection. Just be aware that you are getting some good items and some that are not so good.

Lessons Learned 3 stars
What Remains 2 stars
Breaking Strain 5 stars
Promises to Keep 2 stars
Shadow of Intent 5 stars
The Ballad of Hamish Beamish 1 star
Defender of the Storm 4 stars
A Necessary Truth 5 stars
Into the Fire 5 stars
Saint’s Testimony 3 stars
Rossbach’s World 4 stars
Oasis 5 stars
Anarosa 4 stars
Untitled short story 4 stars

If you are a Halo fan then this is worth getting just to read the stories that are good in the book.
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