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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2019
I bought this helmet for under $30 along with a Husqvarna for a little over $50. At first glance both seems to be good quality and the TR helmet was way easier to assemble. Husqvarna instructions were horrible and inaccurate! I returned the TR helmet and kept the Husqvarna, even though it was almost twice the money. The two biggest aggravations with the TR are 1), you cannot pull the ear muffs off your ears to the side, you have to pull them away and rotate them 180 degrees above the helmet which takes two hands for each one. This is way too much effort! 2) in order to pull the visor up, it also requires two hands, one to hold onto the helmet and the other to pull it up. If you try to do it without holding on to the helmet, you'll dislodge it off your head. With the Husqvarna, one hand can lift the visor without moving the helmet. The Husqvarna also has a short sun visor above the screen which protects from sun and small falling debris and gives you something to hold when pulling the visor up and down. In addition, the TR has a smaller mesh on the visor which blurs your vision more than the larger mesh on some of the other helmets. The price point is good on the TR, that's why I bought it and it was a best seller, I'm sure due to it's low price, but after comparing it with the Husqvarna, I'd rather spend more money to get a less aggravating helmet.
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