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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2018
So the title on this one is misleading I think. I was not expecting so much depth and feeling in this book bewteen the two MC’s. Especially as it was a two-fer; billionaire and step-brother romance.

The whole long lost daughter thing was a nice touch to the story. It gave an added layer so the romance didn’t fall flat. The slow and steady part of the romance between Callie and Dylan made up for the title and cover. TBH, they were both wanting.

Callie was bit too introverted for my tastes. A bit too stereotypical school marm. But I did like how she didn’t let her heart completely rule. She was a bit a loner, an old soul. She had a great head on her shoulders and was always analyzing everything from all angles, even ones that didn’t benefit her, which was both nice and too nice. She took her time getting to know her father but the whole thing seemed a bit sterile to me. Like neither side seemed to interested in getting to know the other but rather how Callie would effect his running for president.

Enter Dylan. Dylan was a skeptic and very loyal to his step-father so when he was tasked with finding out more about this long lost daughter he quickly accepted. But I didn’t get the impression his loyalty was due to love on his part, but rather obligation since the guy basically took care of him his whole life. We never really got to see any bonding moments between them so I wasn’t a big believer the ‘realness’ of their relationship. Yeah, he was a smart businessman but that really has no bearing on their relashionship and it seemed as if it was supposed to.

Now the progressionof their relationship was the best part of this book. Dylan and Callie’s attraction and chemistry seemed effortless to me. Accept when Callie got in her own heads a few times. But other than that it was a slwo simmer romance that made mem smile and thats all I really wanted from this book.
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