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Reviewed in the United States on December 4, 2017
I just received my 3rd and 4th order of these magnets. They come in handy everywhere. The magnets are reasonably strong. The problem is that I keep loosing them, so I ordered a double pack this last time. They came in today.

A few examples of how I use them:
1. Drop a metal hanger dropped behind the washer or dryer? Pull this out and retrieve it.
2. Drop a socket or screw while working on the auto engine that ends up someplace between where you dropped it and the ground, but it doesn't hit the ground. It gets lodged in-between. Retrieve it with one of these.
3. Working with tiny 2 mm and 3 mm screws or nuts when working on an electronic project, and you drop one in the carpet. Finding it is sometimes nearly impossible. Pull one of these out and they seem to appear out of nowhere.
4. Everyone knows that tiny objects dropped in the grass are nearly impossible to find. If the that object is metal, than you have a much better chance of finding it with one of these.

I have stronger magnets. But they are not as handy as these are with their telescoping handles.
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