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Reviewed in the United States on April 5, 2017
When I bought this game my husband read the description and thought it sounded terrible because not everyone could sing. We get together regularly with our pastor and her husband to play games and took this game. The pastor was leery because she didn't think she knew many songs other than hymns, but once the game started well it turned out she did. Who knew Abba had so many songs? Sometimes you can pick a word from the easiest song and no one will get it. I used the word "Ray" as in Do-Re-Me; ray a drop of golden sun. Stumped everyone! A very common word such as "from " can be really hard in 15 seconds. Of course later on you can think of lots of songs those words in them. Well, maybe not Ray. We loved the game and ended up playing it twice that night.

When we played with our 26-year-old son and his girlfriend, he killed us coming up with songs to almost every word and they were all songs that we had heard before.

We just took the game to Texas and played with our eldest son, his wife, son (nine), sister-in-law and brother-in-law. It's amazing how many times one word will come up and two people will shout out the same song. It was hilarious when someone got a Spontuneous Card and made up something you had to do while singing. One thing was you had to touch your nose and wiggle your fingers. If you didn't do this while singing out your song, it didn't count. My grandson loved playing but did get a little frustrated because the adults were so fast in shouting out songs.

So, don't worry if you can't sing in tune because it really doesn't matter. You just have to think fast and shout your song out.

Unfortunately we left our game in Texas. I'm convinced it was hidden from us. Anyway, we liked it so much that I do plan on ordering the game again.

Definitely a five star game!
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