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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2019
The handiness of this guide for birders in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) from Vancouver, BC to Boise, ID is undisputed. It photographs the majority of species beautifully, often including images of birds in flight, color morphs, appropriate subspecies, and sexual dimorphism. Some photos are not 100% perfect, like the dark image of the Black-billed Magpie, with no hint of its green and blue iridescence. However, these flaws are rare, and difficult to control with moving subjects like birds.

The introduction of the book provides a descent overview of tools for birding, identification tips, confusing regional lookalike species, and of course, highlights some birding hotspots in the PNW.

Each of the nearly 400 species (300 breeding) are given at least a page, including photos, description, species' dimensions (size), voice, behaviors, habitat, status, and distribution map. Maps are a bit too small, despite having page space available. However, they are detailed when it comes to temporal changes (season movements) to species' ranges.

This book at 559-pages long is perhaps unnecessarily bulky, considering it's dedicated to one region within the world's smallest (by species) avifaunal region, the Neararctic. Unallocated white space is commonplace on pages and it lacks the intense detail in distribution maps I would like to see from a regional guide. Whist the seasonality in the maps is appreciated, species' status (where common or uncommon) should be included when dealing with a small region, as one might find in a birding atlas.

Notwithstanding, this is a great regional guide. If a little more attention was given to species' accounts spatial allocations, map sizing and distribution detail therein, then a subsequent edition may be rendered utterly unparalleled.
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