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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2020
I was about to jump on here and blast the company and this product because after I installed the PSU and powered it up, my PC would do a hard shut off within 5 minutes. So I went back, checked the PSU connections, made sure everything was tight. Turned PC back on, same thing. Was about to rip it out...when I CPU fan wasn't plugged in and must've come out as I was installing the PSU. PC wasn't shutting off because of the PSU, but because the processor was overheating! Luckily, nothing was fried, I plugged the fan back in and everything was great. But I wonder how often something like that happens to people when installing a PSU, and they blame the PSU for frying their board?

Anyway so far this PSU is running great and it's super quiet. When I built my PC in 2008, the case came with a cheap Rosewill 350 watt PSU, and that's what I've been using ever since. The thing has been on pretty much 24/7 since 2008. underrated brand to say the least. Within the past few weeks it started to really shows its age though...PC was becoming more and more sluggish, lag in old FPS games was getting worse and worse, I couldn't connect anymore than 1 sata drive or it would short out, etc.

Since installing this Thermaltake PSU my PC is definitely back to running super smooth again! Hopefully it lasts a long time, but so far so good. Great purchase.
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