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Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2019
I learned about reverse osmosis water from a girlfriend who later dumped me. She’s gone, but I still have the RO water. I win.

Although I knocked some stars off for the installation being complicated, that’s really not fair because I didn’t install it. I had a plumber put it in. But I saw enough to know that there is no way I could’ve done it. However, if you’re really handy and patient, I’m sure that it’s doable.

I had the plumber connect the water to a spigot at my sink as well as to the water inlet to my refrigerator water dispenser. That’s great because now I can have room temperature water from the spigot or chilled water from my refrigerator. Plus now my ice cubes are nearly clear and they seem to dispense better...without clumping together. Also, having the RO water go to my refrigerator, means I don’t have to buy the expensive, crappy little in-line carbon filters that I’ve been buying for years. The refrigerator water filters from GE cost about $50 apiece so it won’t take long for the system to pay for itself. That’s another win.

I bought a digital water tester on Amazon, because I’m a geek, and found that my untreated water has total dissolved solids of 300 ppm. My treated water has 15 ppm. Somehow that translates into my water tasting really great, and that was the whole point of buying the system, so still another win.

In closing, my advice is to go ahead and buy this wonderful RO system. It’s very likely to outlast your current girlfriend.
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