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Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2016
Edited to add:

I know that this won't be relevant to most people, but I am currently on an extended trip and using this suitcase as my main carry on. A smaller backpack is being used for my under seat bag. You can see a photo of the two below. While most travelers are not going to be adopting the super minimalist approach of a long-term nomad, I thought it would still be useful to know just how much can fit in this bag.

However, I do have to note that I am a small woman traveling with lightweight merino wool clothing that doesn't take up a lot of room. Still, this bag is holding up well. I've stuffed an even smaller backpack in the trolley strap on the back of the Samsonite Underseater and tied an ultra-light down coat to handles. So I am actually prepared for traveling through 4 seasons with this small bag as my main suitcase.

I wanted a small bag with one big compartment, 2 wheels and a luggage sleeve in back. Bonus points for the side pockets for a water bottle & umbrella. So this small suitcase fits the bill perfectly. With one big main compartment, this small suitcase fits an amazing amount of stuff.

See my photo of it stuffed with 4 packing cubes 10x7x3, 1 cube 7x5x3, a pair of boots in a shoe bag and a toiletries bag. That is literally enough clothes for months, if you know how to pack. Theoretically, you could travel the world with just this suitcase.

The water bottle pictured is a 20 oz. Rubbermaid, but you won't be able to zip up something that size if the interior is jam packed. For normal carry on items, you should have no trouble utilizing both side pockets for maximum effectiveness. Though the umbrella still needs to be a small one.

Mini tablet, phone, even a small purse can fit in the front exterior zippered compartment. And as others have mentioned, there are an astonishing amount of pockets. The flap inside the lid snaps off and the one that folds out the front can be attached to the Velcro on the bottom of the suitcase.

The one nitpick I have is that I feel the Velcro is unnecessary. It will prevent people from just throwing in some types of clothes because they will catch on the Velcro.

I do like the black flap and side snaps for holding things in place. Most people will be throwing odds and ends in this size bag, not packing cubes, including me. And the normal straps are not as effective for keeping that kind of stuff under control. Using the front flap and the black one, you've got everything covered and can still use the visible pockets for things you might want accessible during a flight besides what's in the exterior pocket.

It's sturdy, well-made, and not too heavy. Samsonite is a good, and reliable, brand.

Still, while I adore this bag, I do have to admit I thought it was a bit overpriced for its size at more than $79. However, the price apparently fluctuates more than I realized, and it is available from Amazon Prime for as low as $60.34 with free returns as I write this. So if you don't need it right away, and it's higher than that when you read this, keep an eye out for lower prices.

A few words about wheels. My larger bag is a spinner, and the body is only a couple of inches longer than this one because of the wheels. I was willing to make that trade off because I wanted the convenience of being able to roll a heavier bag alongside me instead of dragging it, which hurts my arms and shoulders.

Since this bag can piggyback on that one, two wheels were sufficient for those times when I'd be using it by itself or checking the larger bag. I wanted the extra space in the packing section instead. Still, with the wheels, this bag is 14" high. You don't need to count the handles because they are flat.

Most bags this size assume you want at least a big padded laptop compartment, or 3 separate zippered compartments. Though I travel with a slim laptop, I didn't want any of that, I consider it wasted space. This is like a real suitcase, just tiny sized, which is what I wanted and is almost impossible to find - or at least, if you also want two wheels, two side pockets and a luggage sleeve.

Please note, I have not traveled with this bag yet. If it doesn't hold up, for some reason, I will revise this review.

Edited to add: I have now traveled with this bag three times and it has held up very well. It fits perfectly under even the aisle seats on Spirit, and I used it once as my only bag for a full week of travel with no complaints.
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