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Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2018
With this book a GM can use the GM Guide to run D&D adventures for others (who will have built characters using the Player Handbook).

The book is a hardback with a good quality binding that should stand up well during play. The 352 pages are gloss, high chinaclay paper printed in lavish color. Each page is liberally sprinkled with graphic elements, color plates all on a beige colored background. The printing stands out well against this background and reduced eyestrain compared to black on white. The typeface used is easy on the eye.

Don't get the pages wet. My old 3.5 PHB has what looks like an acid burn in one page. A drop of sweat, quickly mopped off, but the damage was done. Chinaclay paper does not play well with damp. If you *should* get a page wet, don't let it touch the others for any length of time or the pages will stick together like an alien facehugger on a face.

This book is essential for new GMs. Those with other game systems or earlier versions of D&D might fancy converting their old monster stats, but at this price why spend all that time and effort that could be better used crafting adventures in which to place the monsters?

One word of warning; my copy shipped loose in a somewhat oversized "cardboard wrap-around" box and arrived, as a result, with the outer four corners of the cover badly dinged-up. The pages were undamaged and the spine seems intact, but this is how to kill books and how to drop the collector's value (assuming these ever have one). If you care about this your only option is to buy at your local friendly game store, where you'll pay almost twice the cost I was charged. I know this because I just bought the MM and GMG for my daughter while we were in Florida, and they cost me around 100 bux.
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