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Reviewed in the United States on May 19, 2019
I want to preface this before I say anything about these headphones: I primarily use headphones for music and podcasts while I am cycling, running, or sitting at my desk at work. I use Spotify for music, and I am not an audiophile. I am not comparing these to a pair of Sennheisers with a lossless audio format as my source. I also am using an iPhone 7+ and iPad Air 2 for my devices in this review.

I have been waiting on a getting a pair of truly wireless headphones because none seemed to be worth it to me. The battery life is usually dismal for obvious reasons, and most had complaints of cutouts between the earbuds. Some friends of mine have Air Pods and they all said they didn’t have cutout issues and battery life was pretty good. But, I just didn’t like the design of the Air Pods and they sounded “hollow” to me. But I get their appeal.

I am so glad I waited for the Powerbeats Pro (PBP)! I was using the Jaybird X3 before I got these, and I think the sound is on par with them. One of my main annoyances with the X3’s was that the cord would tug once sweat built up on my neck while exercising, and I couldn’t use the cable shortener they provide because of the way my helmet is. I went for a bike ride yesterday with the PBP’s, and they were fantastic! It was a little windy, so I did get a little wind noise. I am hoping Comply makes some tips for these because I think that would make the noise isolation much better. My ride was around 2 hours and I still had 80% left on the PBP battery.


1. The case: it’s actually smaller than I thought, but would still be uncomfortable in a pocket. I think the 9 hour battery life on the actual headphones make this acceptable, but this may be deal breaker for some.

2. Ear fatigue: I didn’t have any fatigue during my ride, but my ears were definitely a little sensitive where the hook was resting after I took the headphones off. I’m hoping this gets better as I wear them.

3. Like the Air Pods, the PBP’s can only be connected to one device at a time. They will pair to all Apple devices on your iCloud account, but if you want to switch between devices, you have to go into your Bluetooth settings and select them. On Android you will need to pair each device separately.

4. I usually listen to a podcast when I go to sleep. These are not comfortable to lay on if you are side sleeper like I am. Also, the button the headphones will get pushed by the pillow. The button doesn’t require much force, which is great because your not shoving the headphones into your ear. Not a huge deal, but just thought I would mention it.


1. Great sound for Truly wireless, I think.

2. Great fit for exercise.

3. Pretty good sound isolation, but like I said, I am hoping Comply makes some tips for these.

4. Actual headphones are smaller than I thought they would be, and they don’t look weird on you when you are just walking down the street.

Bottom line, if you use an iOS device and use headphones while exercising, I can’t recommend these enough! In my opinion, the $250 price tag is worth it given where other truly wireless headphones are priced.
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