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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2016
Update: this is large enough to comfortably fit two 500 gram boules side by side. Picture added!


Received this today - purchased the bread box to get a few extra days out of homemade bread, and I have no doubt it will meet that requirement. Instead, this is more of a review of / cautionary tale about the packaging.

Before purchasing, I read many reviews stating it arrived dented or misshapen. As I will be storing this away when not in use, and don't care too much about how it looks, I was willing to take that risk. Sure enough, mine arrived beaten up.

The bread box comes in a box that is designed for the mall, not the mail. They slapped a shipping label on this display box made of thin, flimsy cardboard. It was falling apart at the seams and partially crushed. The bread box inside was only protected by a light-weight bubble wrap, hardly more protection than a plastic bag.

All in all, the damage wasn't too bad. The dent (on the lid) mostly popped out, but the surface is so shiny that the remaining imperfection draws the eye. (You can see this in the pic with the lid closed.) The base also fails to sit level, but only slightly - I assume this was also due to the packaging.

If this were intended as a gift, or if I'd wanted something nice on my countertop, I would be upset. But if you're just looking for something nicer than linen towels to keep your bread from going stale - hey, I'm pretty sure this will fit the bill.
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