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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2017
What a marvelous story! Written primarily for teens and young adults in 1956 by Fred Gipson "Old Yeller" is a difficult book to categorize. On the one hand it's a Western novel about a family's efforts to build a homestead for themselves in the wilds of Post-Civil War Texas. On the other hand it's a "coming of age" story about a boy who's left in charge of the ranch, while Pa goes on a cattle drive to Kansas, and the stray dog that wanders into their lives and changes everything. Life on the frontier was hard and Gipson's narrative seems to offer a fresh look at the problems a family could face. With Pa away for most of the summer Travis and his mother must deal with the every day issues that crop up; harvesting their crops, tending the stock and dealing with local wildlife-- some of them dangerous, not to mention a half-wild little brother who is a real handful. The narrator of the story is Travis, as an older man looking back on the events of that fateful summer. Fred Gipson, the author, was born on a farm in the Texas Hill Country where he often worked as a farmer and rancher before attending college for a degree in journalism and becoming a full time writer, as a result much of the narrative is based on his personal, first hand, experience. I like Gipson's writing style, it's graphic without being overly violent, reminds me of Will James and Zane Gray. This is a great book that also made a classic Disney movie with the same title. If you're looking for exciting novel about a boy and his dog in an old-west setting, well "Old Yeller" just might be the ticket. I had no downloading or technical problems with this Kindle edition.

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