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Reviewed in the United States on August 18, 2018
These are ok. The markers I received all worked fine and the tips were what I expected. I was using the black marker to draw doodle outlines on a 12 x 24.5” piece of canvas and it started to run out about halfway through. This was disappointing because the designs were all pretty spaced out with thin lines, so I hadn't used the marker much. I ended up using the darker grey marker to finish, but I had to go over each line a few extra times and layer it with the black to make it look close to the black I'd already done. In the end that marker was pretty much done too. As the markers dry out the lines are less defined and sharp.

I highly recommend testing the colors before you use them. I wasn't expecting them to be exact, but a few of them were a lot different than the color on the cap. I also ended up just switching the two yellow caps with each other because they didn't match up. There is a pretty good variety of colors, but a few are only a shade or two different from each other. On some fabrics (ex. off white) it was hard to even tell they were different at all.

They did work well on the canvas fabric I was using. I had to go over most of the lines a few times to make them even and bold, but that was due to the type of fabric more than anything. They also didn't bleed which was nice.

They dry pretty quickly. A few times I accidentally put my hand down where I'd just drawn and was surprised that it never smudged the lines in my fabric even if the marker got on my skin. The marker was pretty easy to get off my skin.

Overall, I can use them and I'm glad they all worked out of the box, but I wouldn't buy them again. The color started to run out way faster than I would have expected. They are good for little projects, but if you plan to use them a lot then they probably won't last.
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