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Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2018
Most people who try glycolic acid exfoliation get "addicted" and begin to over-exfoliate (chemically, at least). Even as a skincare professional, I am guilty of this. However, the small amount of AHA (in the form of gylcolics) in this scrub is gentle enough for me to use every other day (and I have sensitive skin with Rosacea) The grit is like a fine sand or powder - not at all harsh like apricot scrubs, etc. Plus it SMELLS GREAT, so fresh and not-perfumy so it's not noticeable to other people, but has a soft scent during application and for about 15 minutes after.

It is always a good idea to use exfoliating cleansers in the evening so as to not expose freshly exfoliated skin to antioxidant (environmental) damage during the day. So I recommend use in the evenings but NOT in the morning. For more efficacy, leave the scrub on damp skin for several minutes (I leave it on as I wash my hair, then rinse after washing my hair).

The great thing is that this cleanser leaves my skin noticeably smoother after each use, as long as I let a day or two pass in between uses. I also use a 14% glycolic acid serum (Alpha Skin Care - Intensive Renewal Serum) once or twice a week in addition to this scrub every other day. This is one of the most gentle chemical exfoliants that I have ever used and my face feels smoother with improved skin tone without the tightness that can accompany stronger exfoliants.

Overall, I've been looking for a good glycolic acid face wash & scrub and I feel finally found a keeper! This fine-grit scrub cleanser is now a mainstay in you regimen and I highly recommend it!

Due to allergies, I had to drop all products containing SLS and this product was questionable, so I did some research. GREAT NEWS! The "Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate" ingredient in this favorite cleanser of mine is NOT considered a sulfate!! YAY! So it's safe to call it sulfate-free! :) I'm so relieved because it helps my skin so much and smooths not just facial skin but I use it on the backs of my arms, too and it takes away those little bumps. Highly recommend for guys, too!
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