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Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2017
My children and us adults/parents play the large 6ft board Disney and Dreamworks Eye Found It games often and we love them all. Feel free to read my reviews on those other games. This game is a small spinoff travel version of the Disney Eye Found it board game, but with no board. It is simply a deck of cards. This game is great to keep in your purse or in the car for road trips. My toddler loves to play it in waiting rooms, in the car, or wherever else a huge board game isn't practical. There are quite a few cards, each with a scene on the front and an object to search for on the back. The number of cards makes it nearly impossible to memorize the location of certain objects for next time. However, I wish there was an expansion pack with more cards to mix it up. I also wish the object on the back of the card was the one you need to find on the front of that same card- that is not the case. My daughter and I typically start with 5-7 cards in our hand, scene side towards us, and use the rest of of the deck to draw from the "objects" side to determine what we will search for in our hand. This works well because the object on the back of the card is rarely in the scene on the front of the card. Whoever runs out of cards first (we discard a card from our hand once we find an object on it) wins. Once we've searched all of our cards for the current object on the draw pile, we discard that card and move on to a new object. I'm not sure how it's meant to be played, by how works best for us. I would recommend this game to anyone with young children, toddler and up, when you need a quick portable game to entertain them.
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