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Reviewed in the United States on September 25, 2016
Wish I could give more than five stars, because I sure would. Harper just caught her boyfriend/boss banging another girl. She grabs her keys and takes off, now she wishes she had at least thought to bring money for gas. She is headed to her friends house, but she can't be sure exactly how to get there and she left her phone behind. She realizes she isn't going to make it any further as she pulls into the parking lot of what appears to be a bar. When she sees a guy roughing up a girl, she doesn't think she just acts. Launching herself on the man's back, fighting him to get him away from the girl. Coming to she sees the most handsome man, she must be dead. Luke couldn't believe his eyes as this small woman throws herself into a fight with someone twice her size. He helps her into the bar. His sister is working and she feeds the poor girl, learning that Harper was going the wrong direction to her friends house and is now stuck here with no money and no place to go. Luke agrees to let her stay at his place for the night, but that's it. He doesn't do relationships. He had lost a love once and he isn't putting himself out there for that every again. His sister has another idea, one that will make his parents back off. Harper will move in and be his pretend girlfriend for one month. Then when he deploys again, she will go on with her life as they have a pretend breakup. Things never go according to plan though. Even though he ensures Harper that he can never love her he does grow feelings for her. She has fallen in love even knowing he can't live get back. When it's time for him to leave, for them to part ways as planned Harper is devastated. Then she gets a text, it's just one word...stay. For the next six months the two talk as much as they can. When the man she fought in the parking lot of the bar is released from jail she is having a girls night with her friends. She gets word he might come looking for his ex, who is there with Harper. They rush to make sure all the Windows and doors are locked. The dog growls, it's dark out, she flips on the outside light and there he is glaring at her. She screams for the others to ruin next door as he busts in the window charging at Harper. Luke is distraught that he wasn't there to protect her even though she ensures him she is ok. One of the girls knocked him out before he could really hurt her and Luke's cop brother in law and his best friend bust in the front door as the girls tie him up. Harper finds out about Luke's past, his wife Amanda, how she was pregnant and she died. She even meet his mother in law who blamed Luke and thinks he had forgotten Amanda and is now replacing her. Luke surprises Harper by coming home early, but he is the one surprised when his mother in law is at the dinner when they arrive. When Harper invites everyone to his place for thanksgiving including his mother in law, Luke is beyond mad. Harper received a letter from someone in her past, someone she put behind bars that is fixing to get released and come for her. When she tries to tell Luke after everyone has left, he stops her and breaks up with her for over taking his life, for mixing his past and present, for making him feel guilty towards his dead wife. She leaves, he can't find where she went, she isn't taking his calls, she called in to work. When she does come in, it's after he's gone, she sends in her notice. He didn't know it would be this hard. When he finds mail that's for Harper and opens it to learn she may be in trouble, he is determined to save her. He can't be at fault for losing two women. Well he be able to save her and get her back? This book was so freaking awesome. I loved it so much. Definitely look forward to more from Lucy.
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