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Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2017
First, I was put off by the title of this book. I thought it might be more hot air from a sales guy with a few tricks up his sleeve. Worth ten to twenty minutes of flipping through chapter titles but not much else.

I am glad I didn't judge the book by its title. I could probably boil most of the message down to authenticity. Good speakers are authentic - they don't hide themselves or from themselves. This isn't so new (although a new context) but Spence does something interesting here while delivering the message of authenticity- he reminds you to speak to and connect with the power people, the decision makers. I would take a scared young woman trembling in fear but with true emotional connection in front of a jury than a slick prosecutor anytime, he tells us. He reminds us that law is an emotional discipline no matter how much we want to take emotion out of it. We lawyers are the chosen champions of a trial by contest. We stand the best chance of winning when we bring our feelings with us.

He reminds us that most of us decide with felling and bend our intellect to match it. If you know that, then you remember to connect first and foremost. And connection comes from authentic emotion. I'm glad I bought this book. I practice divorce law - an area many lawyers stay away from bc of the emotion in it, but that's a reason I love what I do (although stressful and exhausting as well).
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