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Reviewed in the United States on January 21, 2020
500 pages that are well organized, exceptionally edited and full of nothing new - it’s just said better, without histrionics and has lots of “dialogue”, from those who wish to remain anonymous...

Rucker and Leonnis clearly managed a gargantuan mountain of data to fill these pages. Collecting interviews, articles, tweets, news broadcasts, etc. for over 3 years to support this effort is mind boggling and they’re blessed to have had a great team. The effort is most evident in the spectacular index. It’s set up by person, place or event and every nuance you can imagine related to each. The Kindle version is interactive and will take you directly to the text.

The writing is clear, not very concise, in fact it’s verbose. The language is colorful, mostly on the part of POTUS, in his direct quotations, and there are a fair amount of them. There is an attempt at fairness altho’ the decided tenor of this tome is negative towards him. More credit is given to his faithful staff and for their willingness to serve, nobly. Much effort is given to creat first person accounts that permit the reader to decide rather than being dictated to.

Exhaustive and at times exhausting, but a good compendium of the facts thus far📚
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