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Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2017
IVe had this pedal for about 5 months and it has worked flawlessly. I've used probably 3 times a week (I know I should practice more !!). Anyway the pedal started squeaking within the last week and it was so annoying since I could hear it during my playing !! So today I decided to take it apart and solve it !! It's actually easy to do and the manufacture should have done this since metal rubs and eventually squeaks. Here's what you do. Remove the 5 screws in the bottom, remove the pedal from the top. The spring will fall out but you can put that back later. Remove the 2 pivot screws at the hinge and pull the pedal away from the hinge bracket. Add Vaseline to the inside of the hinge base and to the outside of the pedal. Push the pedal back In to place and screw back the pivot screws (if you have loctite now is the time to add it to the screws). Put the top back on and then rest the spring in the correct position. Screw the single base screw at the front down first and the. The back 2 and then middle 2. Pressing the pedal a few times will make the Vaseline spread and the squeak will be gone !!
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