Cybela Clare

Cybela Clare

Director, Producer, Actor, Writer

Cybela Clare is an award winning Director/Producer/Writer/Actress, known for her popular series ETs Among Us, and feature films Birds Eye View and Animal Magnetism. At present, Cybela's films and series can be seen in 183 countries: on Amazon Prime Video, Gaia, and 44 other streaming networks worldwide. Fluent in six languages, Cybela Clare is an Ivy League graduate and former Drama Tutor at Harvard University. A proud member of the Explorers Club, Cybela has traveled the world documenting international wildlife rescues, as incorporated in several of her films. Curious about the universe from early childhood, Cybela has researched extraterrestrial life for many years. Now that the Pentagon and New York Times have exposed a decades-old government cover-up. Cybela's celebrated series ETs Among Us, at first considered appropriate only for niche audiences, has now become mainstream and is in demand by networks internationally.



  • Thriller
  • Action & Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Documentary
  • Children & Family
  • Science Fiction