Laura Mac

Laura Mac


Creator of The Laura Mac Method, Laura Mac is sought after both as a talented actor and respected acting coach. With over 25 years of acting experience, her skills and personality have lent themselves to dozens of professional projects and helped hundreds of actors find their way in the business. From humble beginnings with community theatre in small town Nova Scotia, to commercial and small film/TV roles and now joining leading casts, Laura Mac has worked hard for every step of her career and has a wealth of experience to offer. Her work as creator of The Laura Mac Method has allowed her to share what she's learned over the years and build a strong community of support. The Method values connection and confidence above all else and actors all over the world work with Laura Mac and her associates to improve their acting technique, hone their audition skills, and gain new insights and strategies that build their careers. "When Laura Mac auditions for me, she always exceeds my expectations. Even when I don't necessarily see her in a role, I will have her audition because she is the type of actor that will change the mind of directors and producers. " - Tina Marie Casting



  • Science Fiction
  • Action & Adventure
  • Drama
  • Romance