Everything you need to know about Amazon Hub Locker

Sometimes your apartment or home isn't the best place to ship a package. Or maybe you want to surprise a friend with a last-second birthday gift and don't have the time to run home when it arrives. This is where Amazon Hub Locker comes in. With locations in over 900 cities and towns in the U.S. including convenience stores, local groceries, apartment buildings and Whole Foods Market, you can now pick up packages at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Amazon Hub Locker.

What is Amazon Hub Locker?
Locker is a secure, self-service kiosk that allow you to pick up your package at a place and time that's convenient for you — even evenings and weekends. No more worrying about packages left at your door while you're out.

Where are Lockers located?
In more than 900 cities and towns across the U.S. Amazon Lockers are strategically located in convenience stores, grocery stores, apartment buildings, and malls. We like to place them in places you already go. It's a safe bet that there's one (or more) Locker located near your home, office or school. To search for Amazon Lockers near you, go here.

How do Lockers work?
It’s easy – customers simply add an Amazon Locker to their Amazon address book and select the location as the shipping address during checkout. Once a package is ready for pickup, customers receive an e-mail with a unique 6 digit code that they’ll use to remove the package from the designated slot.

Prime members, of course, will be able to get their packages with FREE Two-Day, One-Day and Same-Day Shipping. There is no additional cost to use an Amazon Locker You'll see all available options for your order during checkout.

Can I have something like a mattress delivered to a Locker?
No. Most items on Amazon.com can be delivered to a Locker, but there are a few restrictions, like an item's size and weight. To learn more about product eligibility, visit amazon.com/locker

Why should I use a Locker?
If you live in an apartment building with small mailboxes and no doorman, you probably aren't so excited about your package hanging out in a lobby or a hallway by your door all day. Even if you live in a house, porch thieves may strike while you're away. If this is a concern in your neighborhood, lockers will give you peace of mind for every delivery.

What about returns?
This is another convenient aspect of Amazon Hub Locker. If you want to make a return, you can drop it off at a Locker regardless of where it was originally delivered.

Kathie Fries Holsenbeck has been writing for the web since 1999. She works as a branding copywriter for a wide variety of companies from her home office in Seattle.

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