Halloween hack for Prime members: DIY boxtumes

Prime's DIY Halloween hack: #Boxtumes - Amazon Prime Insider

It's time to think outside the box — by using them! That's right, you can upscale your boxes from your Prime deliveries into one-of-a-kind, DIY Halloween costumes: boxtumes! With a little creative thinking, Amazon Smile boxes and crafting supplies, you can create fun boxtumes perfect for children, couples, groups or even just for you.

In need of some inspiration? We worked with top DIY bloggers to create some awesome boxtumes with step-by-step guides that can be followed by anyone. Some of our favorite ideas can be found below, including an adorable ice cream truck, a culturally relevant horse (in the style of a certain notable country/hip-hop hit...) and some 90s nostalgia in the form of a rotary telephone and a floppy disk. For more looks that may spark your creativity, check out more memorable boxtumes created by Prime members here.

If you make a boxtume this year, be sure to show off the finished product on social media with the hashtag #boxtumes. Tag @amazon too for a chance to be featured on our social channels. We can't wait to see your fun creations!

Be everyone's favorite truck (aside from Prime delivery trucks!) by making an ice cream truck boxtume
With a few Amazon smile boxes, paint, some craft paper and a little imagination, you can create the sweetest look for a Halloween party. A little painter's tape will make sure your lines are straight, and some free-hand creativity with ice cream cones, a window awning and more is all it takes to recreate your favorite childhood memory.

Credit: Krafts by Katelyn

This year, trick-or-treat ('til you can't no more) with a horse boxtume
Everyone loves a costume that nods to pop culture, and few things were bigger than the iconic country/hip-hop crossover of 2019. Fortunately, all you need to get to complete the look that everyone will be talking about this Halloween is a few Amazon smile boxes, hot glue, a dowel rod, a black outfit (including a hat and jacket), fabric paint, fringe, straw and a few other household knick-knacks.

Credit: Tatertots & Jello

Old school is in! Create a rotary telephone or a floppy disk boxtume for a nostalgic blast from the past
While most youngsters aren't as familiar with the technology of yester-year, everyone will get a kick out of these great 90s throwbacks. Simply pull together a few Amazon smile boxes, some craft paper, aluminum foil, paint, hot glue, tape and alphabet and number stickers to show the kids just how far we've come! And for good measure, use a real phone cord to add the final touch.

Credit: Cynthia Harper

Looking for crafty supplies or décor to amp up your Boxtume and Halloween this year? Check out Amazon.com/Halloween for everything you need!